Saturday, November 17, 2012

The third one's here!

Hello people !!

Ok , I'm Diego (Obscure creator) from Spain.
I've been a fan of miniatures and warhammer universe for a long long time.
After a BIG break I've returned with even more passion than before.
I also sculpt big figures (1/6 scale) mostly related with superheroes and some fantasy warriors
and monsters. Lately I'm trying to jump into the small miniature scale and I'm on the good way for that I think :)
Well I DO LIKE monsters and creepy things! So I'm definetly on chaos hands, I like to paint my miniatures on a dark and reallistic style , no super popping colours or very pure tones , at least by now , maybe if I paint an elf some day....
So now I'm very happy to be here with such a great partners and painters and I hope we can make this space a very enjoyable place for the chaos and grime fans!

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