Monday, November 26, 2012

Some more warriors done

Phewww I just had a few hours to finish these trio of oldies today. Nothing fancy and the photo is in bad quality as well. Good news, I'm done with the first 10 nurgle warriors, I also primed 6 more today and got most of the skin done on one more dude. Progress is floating along nicely as I'm trying to finish the first regiment by mid January. I feel like I'm starting to get a better feel for glazes and working with mediums, It actually makes painting skin 'fun' again :D


  1. Yeah!! LOVE this minis and the way you paint them!!
    Still waiting for the "round bases" mistery to be revealed....
    I can see the chariot for the frogs on the back and some other big minis... is it possible to have a look at those models?? :)

  2. Hi Diego , I really like your dirty painting style , your Necromancer is cool !

    Sure! you can send me pics at