Saturday, May 5, 2012

Desert planet force

It's been quite a rush last couple of weeks - there's been a lot of things to take care of and I have had no time to sit behind my table and relax with miniature painting. Two days ago my month long summer vacation started and I celebrated the situation with mindless purchasing. I saw very interesting documentary about egyptians and sphinx building, and somehow I got inspirated about Necrons and Metroid games' Chozo ruins colours.

Necrons have always been my favourite race in the 40K universe, don't know why, and desert themed living metal soldiers gave my brain a nice kick to start something unique with the miniatures. GW studio's paint jobs with Necrons are tarher nice but they remind me too much about Matrix. Here's a test (and most likely the last) Necron army piece I will ever have. What a blast to paint but dreadful to assemble! Also I experimented with strippling - in this case foam - and what I see is that the technique suits 40K dudes quite well.

I think that the twin linked tesla coil will be added later to the bottom of the vehicle. There's also few things that I need to fix or finish before I call this all done.

What do you think?