Friday, April 4, 2014


As usual the name of a project hit me around the corner and mutilated me until I accepted it as a friend. STAR IRON DESCENDANTS started as a technical tryout and ended up to be a project I just needed to finish. No great feelings here, but a background is wide and open due the manliest name ever. Even Manowar would be jealous. Power!!!!!

The next thing that I actually enjoyed was this nurgle marine. For an apparent reason I have 6 FW torsos in my shelf and I decided to give 'em a go. I tried space marine hands and legs, but overall feel was too much bonkers. The next thing was to try weapon options, and ork gun seemed to work perfect. And as the weapon itself is quite large, I took terminator legs to make the mini look somewhat normal. And I like the result.

Here's also the next guy waiting to be finished. It seems the group will have quite a lot of variation in their sizes - the guy below has plague bearer legs...

The paint scheme goes well with DV- chosen.