Saturday, March 30, 2013

Midnight PiP

Looking forward to finishing it tomorrow. there are plenty of stuff that needs more attention and some which so far have not been started. This minis has sure been a pain to paint as I stripped it three times before I  settled for a scheme. I'm not totally happy with it but I feel that I have learned a lot since I started it and he will be somewhat in the background so I can't care too much if I want to finish this piece. Any advice is welcome

Cheers and good night

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The changer of ways crew- main villain

Time to show of the main villain of the crew which is a
chaos dwarf sorcerer / warhound hybrid with hooves, the head of a dragon , big ears, covered in feathers just to mention a few (man these realm of chaos tables are random!). I did add the different aspects of the character with a bit of artistic freedom (as in the head of a dragon....). There is still lots of stuff to be done on this one but let's say that it is about 20% done.

Cheers all

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A trip down the lead mines

Hey guys, sorry I have not been very active with the brush recently, lost my mojo a little bit. I have been painting elves on commission and don't feel much like painting my own stuff after all those skirts ;)

Here's a little thing I did in between dragon scales! I might take up steampunk gaming later in the year so I had a wander round the old lead mines. Sure enough, I found this suspicious looking character lurking around one corner. He's an old Foundry figure, I whizzed on some paint just to test a very muted, slapped on scheme. If I do start gaming, it's likely that a "warband" would be just 7 or 8 figures like this, so I could get the whole lot done in one day! Just the ticket when faced with three thousand elf gems.

More followers of change

Yet another update on my realm of chaos warband:

Frist up another Tzaangor

The mini is based on the same great plastic brayshaman. The head is from the Witchling + some horns from the screamer kit. The ball and cape are from the empire wizard kit, the staffhead is from the witchling as well. The axe is from crocodile games and the shield is from reaper + some instamould from the warhammer 40k chaos veichle kit. The leg with the wierd (and unfinshied) foot is made from a bloodletter head + some wire. The pointing hand is from the skaven stormvermin kit and I saved this bit for a wizard for a long time as I really love the ring on the finger. If I have the energy this guy will have another ring or so.

Next beastman is the one already shown, but I have changed some stuff.
This one is also made from the GW plastic great brayshaman. I changed one foot to a kroot foot so it could hold the book from the empire wizard kit. The other leg got shaved and I added a spiney thing from a dark elf corsairs banner. The axe is also from Crocodile games and the scroll from PP. The book on his back is from the GW empire flagilant kit and it is covered by a shield made from a gutplate with a insta mould on top of the Tzeentch icon from the 40k veichle kit. Bottom of the staff is from a Dark eldar transtport and the top from crocodile games. The horns were changed with the use of a candle and some tweezers.

Last of the gors is a dude made from Malagor the dark omen.
So far only a head from a gor (previous edition) + some feathers from the witching. I also added some bottles from the VC corpse cart and a knife from the empire wizard box. I also slapped on a scroll case from PP. So far not too much to see but I'm getting there.

Thanks for looking

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Xenos approaching

I'll just leave these here...

So, I got a request to do some fellas for the INQ28 game (which seems to be a very popular form of this hobby) and started to gather xenos horde around the happy salesman figure. Let's see where I'll get with these.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Here's a quick update again. Only some finishing touches for these before I call the group done. The reason for why there ain't mud splatters is that I wan't to make the splatters for all the cultists at the same time (I'm usually stupid enough to forget how I made some effects and the results don't match...) Enjoy.

I don't know if I went too far with the detailing this time. Truly if there's something I can't stand is too detailed stuff... Less is more sometimes!

I guess in his mom's eyes he's handsome.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New toys and trying new basecoating method

The magical mailman gave me a cute little package today. I bought these terminators from a random wargamer, and because he had started to add some paint to the minis these were quite cheap unit. Actually there's just white basecoat, few washes and some lovely green plus some metals. Methinks I just continue with the former scheme the owner started working on. These are cool terminators! But I don't know if DA had these sort of armours... (and I don't care. They will be Dark Angels!)

The next thing I'll start today is 10 man strong unit of Chaos cultists from the Dark Vengeance box. I decided to try grey primer with a smoke of white primer. Due the low temperature outside the white primer didn't work as I thought, but it's okay. I thought that the grey would be more visible under the white smoke but the white primer refused to work as smoke. It kinda pooled around the minis and the are more white than grey. Oh well! It's nice to try how the grey affects my paint splashing!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Realm of chaos - for the god of change

Hello dear readers

I joined a challange over at papanurgle where we are to make a warband based on the old realm of chaos rules. We used a couple of dices, the crazy rules from that time and voila a warband to build.

First to be shown is a tzzenchygor with the fat ability (will be a 'counts as fat' conversion). I just started to play with the mini and some bits and the mini almost built itself. It was very quick build.

The falcon is from crocodile games, I just loved the idea to turn it into some fancy bird so I attacked some brass framing with a pair of scissors. Still some tweaking and sculpting to be done but so far I like the idea. I will add some stuff to the chest of the bird as well.

Cheers and thanks for looking

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gathering the forces

Here's a bunch of artsy pics of the Chaos and DA forces I'm working on at the moment. The chosen ones of the chaos were painful to paint, so I punished them with rather messy painting. But now I'm happy to say the chosen are done! The next step is to assemble and paint a) the bikers I was supposed to do... b) the fanatics/muties from the chaos side. Also there's a chaotic dread to finish.

Usually I never finish anything because I wan't to do everything perfectyl, but again, I realized with these minis that making the unit look good is a fair challenge already. These are painted fast, and again I even skipped some of the eeriest parts of the minis, like the piping of the armour and other minimal parts. Cool minis but a major pain to paint.

 Rest of the chosen ready for battle and willing to kick some butts!

 Chosen with axe and attitude

Heat of the battle! (Who will take the day?)

Njahahaaa! Souls are harvested today!