Friday, March 8, 2013

Gathering the forces

Here's a bunch of artsy pics of the Chaos and DA forces I'm working on at the moment. The chosen ones of the chaos were painful to paint, so I punished them with rather messy painting. But now I'm happy to say the chosen are done! The next step is to assemble and paint a) the bikers I was supposed to do... b) the fanatics/muties from the chaos side. Also there's a chaotic dread to finish.

Usually I never finish anything because I wan't to do everything perfectyl, but again, I realized with these minis that making the unit look good is a fair challenge already. These are painted fast, and again I even skipped some of the eeriest parts of the minis, like the piping of the armour and other minimal parts. Cool minis but a major pain to paint.

 Rest of the chosen ready for battle and willing to kick some butts!

 Chosen with axe and attitude

Heat of the battle! (Who will take the day?)

Njahahaaa! Souls are harvested today!

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