Monday, March 11, 2013

Realm of chaos - for the god of change

Hello dear readers

I joined a challange over at papanurgle where we are to make a warband based on the old realm of chaos rules. We used a couple of dices, the crazy rules from that time and voila a warband to build.

First to be shown is a tzzenchygor with the fat ability (will be a 'counts as fat' conversion). I just started to play with the mini and some bits and the mini almost built itself. It was very quick build.

The falcon is from crocodile games, I just loved the idea to turn it into some fancy bird so I attacked some brass framing with a pair of scissors. Still some tweaking and sculpting to be done but so far I like the idea. I will add some stuff to the chest of the bird as well.

Cheers and thanks for looking


  1. Awesome, you don't see many Tzaangor around!

    I really like the base model, but the quadruple eyes and the falcon are great additions.

    Would you entertain the idea of some small feather growing out of the arms? It's something that's done really well on the recent Vilitch the Curseling model (if you've seen the back of it).

  2. A Tzeentch conversion on papanurgle? Burn the heretic!

    Nice work, looking really good so far, the eyes and the banner are brilliant. Looking forward to your colour schemes.

    Funnily enough, thinking of adding to my Slaanesh daemons in the near future. We just need TWO volunteers now for Nurgle and Khorne. Now, where can we find TWO painters?

  3. Oh Erik thats great!!
    I'm so tempted to start a warband too!
    The sad part is that I can't go to the Realms of Chaos event they will do on August... soo sad to live in Spain...damn!

  4. Oi! The bird is beautiful with the added decorations. It's always nice to see you doing conversions. Good luck with the project man! Hälsningar! By the way, did you know that swedish is the second official spoken language in Finland? People working for the country (policemen, doctors, president blah blah blah) have to be able to speak swedish. Even I'm capable to growl tourist-sweden if I ever happen to get lost to the country. Jätte kul! Tyvärr, jag har degen efter.

    Cheers! ;)

  5. * whoopsie! DAGEN efter. I'm good at this trust me!

  6. Feral: Mate! Glad to see you! Thanks for the tip about the feathers, I might indeed add some growing on one of the next gors. The witchling mini will be used in the warband (lovely mini!)

    Old Fogey:Thanks mate, I have NO idea were we would find two more painters..... ;)

    Diego: I'm not sure about the event in August but the deadline for the warband is in May (I think) check the challenge out at:

    Turska: Hhaha yeah your swedish is ok (if you want to say that you have a hangover the correct way is "Jag är bakis" "jag är bakfull" ;) And do come by it's only a small trip over the lake.

  7. Got bored and came back to the hobby, was very glad to see you blogging still.

    I've got a handful of Tzeentch things I'm working on so I'll keep an eye here for inspiration. :)