Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nurgle "tutorial"

Lot's of folks have been asking me to make tutorials for working with white primer. Here's a small picture compilation of the past hour or so. Here you can easily see the steps I usually progress with my mini's.

 White primer. 50% of the work done already...

Some orange and brown ink splashed over the armor. As you can see, I'm not too much into details at the point. 

More color in - some pink and black.

A sepia ink wash over the armor to make the details visible.

White and bleached bone sponged roughly over the armor to bring some damage and highlight.

Tamiya clear yellow over the armor to make the colors pop. Added some shadings to the red and black!


Metals in. I used leadbelcher diluted with brown ink.

Shadings. I used al the leftovers I had on my palette at the moment... Black/brown inks for metals. Green/brown for bases. Purple/green for skin.

Highlights. Metals were highlighted with silver, skin got a a white splash. Banner got a jolly little skull on it's surface. Bases were drybrushed with white.

Some layering with bleached bone. Touchups there and there...

Soon to be done. Gave red and brown glazes all over the miniature. Added verdigris.

Phew. Only lenses and some minor details missing. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hell flute & Sonic warhorn

After a while I made a stop at hobby world.

Last months have been more or less hectic with other real-life stuff - but of course at Christmas I got a furious stomach ache and was not able to get involved with the usual season's celebrations. Stomach ulcer gave me inspiration to chop up some plastic and make some Nurgle guardians to be accompanied with my 'Thug'. I still have 2 FW nurgle torsos to play around with...

So, here I represent you Brother Ulcersån (piper), Admiral Syphillaeys (banner bearer), and Brother Tinnituetus (OMFG BLUNDERBUSS)

This last picture is funny. Here you can see the stage before white primer - There's agrellan earth, liquid GS, static grass, bits and bobs, general junk and  other misc stuff that will be covered in pure white. What a mess at the moment. Mr. Blunderbuss is my top favorite fella of the bunch due his massive blunderbuss. I imagined him to be an "engineer" of sorts. He has a "warhorn" (his own intelligent invention) and ultra heavy foot to anchor in place and burst out a hail of bolt shards, organic mass and junk...  (Of course he is a total idiot with his inventions of massive destructive power - maybe it's the fungi growing inside his helmet - but his brotherhood is also too dim-witted to care)

This project gives me a giggle. Cheers everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marked Men

My spinoff miniature the Marked Man riding a decaying horse just got 3 fellow characters for his merry group. First I tried to make totally different group without any chaos wibes... But after a while I saw that I can make these miniatures to match the background of the Marked Men and still make them look more Imperial. At the moment I see these characters representing the ever-changing nature of spirit - they are not turned towards chaos, not the servants of Imperium but more like a limbo between those spaces. Let's see which side takes control.

 The idea of falling limbs took control over me - I see these separate heads actually are former heads of the character carrying 'em. The Doctor (painboy) has a tiny servitor on his shoulder and few dead heads hanging around. The Lady has still functioning head in her belly, but I see it's a dying organ. The Boar has three functioning heads - the strapped one is his newest head, the middle one the elder head, and the lowest the soon dying one. As the horse riding marked man carries his fallen limbs around, these characters gave me the idea to mix multiple personalities and generations into one body.

As plants, they grow leaves (limbs) just to drop them some day.

Monday, September 8, 2014

a new INQ28 group

(I guess) few decades ago I got some great feedback of my INQ28 group schemed as Cyclops Merchants. Now I have a new group approaching with a total new scheme  - this time I'm about to make a more human-like group with serious influences from Spiky Rat Pack's Mikko's  Lady- series. Obviously the female character with Halo is "stolen" (influenced) from the Mikko's imagery, and other of the thugs are built to be accompanied with her.

EDITED - too drunk.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blood Angels reinforcements


Some pictures of a Blood Angel group I made for an old client of mine. As usual, the project delayed and delayed... But in the end I got it. It was pretty interesting to do do large red panels just with brush.

Top tip: When making tanks without airbrush, I prefer using white basecoat and acrylic inks. Acrylic inks gives you even coat when using normal brush!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This is one of the first original plague marines for Rogue Trader , back in 1988 or 89.
I really like this old minis!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

They got my name right prt. 2

Be sure to pick up the latest volume of Warhammer Visions -Blanchitsu has a bunch of familiar looking critters featured in the article this month.

This truly is the pinnacle of my hobbyist era. Hats off to people encouraging me and kicking some serious buttocks.

Special thanks to Mr. Blanche, a childhood idol of mine.

Cheers and peace.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I also paint this super Spawn from Forgeworld , stunning miniature! ...and HUGE!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello all! I've been out for more than a year,,,damn!
But I'm back finally , not so much time but I have some pics to show :)

As always , my beloved nurgle guys from the 80's!

Ok this mini is not "old" as the others BUT in my opinion it have a nice old feeling , and in fact you'll see that it feets quite well among the others. He'll be the champion of the nurgle warriors unit!
As always a lot of tones and colours have been lost on the pics...but anyway , not bad pics at all.

And here with the other guys, don't look out of place in my opinion , what u think?

                                                                 The hooded guy!

                                                          The one legged brothers :)

                                                                  and a group shot:

Hope you like them guys ;)