Monday, November 25, 2013

Lotus Hatcher - 5th member for the travelling party

A mere shadow of  his past he is. Master of melee combat, blessed weapon user but loyal to nobody he was. As he stands today, a massive mountain of muscle, ram head and decade old wheelchair, he might look a sad character with desperate life. His strong arms can drag him over the deserts, and end someone's life as fast as it started, but the corruption is his brain has made him demented and helpless. Only Master Merchant is able to construct bionic legs for his superior fighter, as he believes Lotus Hatcher is still capable to make a good thug for his travelling party. Blimey, maybe Master Merchant is also afraid to give functional legs to his fellow, you see Mr.Merchant ain't just anybody, he's a total jackass to his loyal group - as all businessmen tend to be - It might be that it's much safer for his skin to keep that fella disabled. Yesss.... indeed it is......

Now back to Dark Eldar!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Absinthe visions

I've put my soul into this build. it took me several months to get the certain state of mind to put this thing together. This fella started as a humorous piece, but in the end it turned out to be really dramatic and sad. I see this character as a former impersonation of strength and power, but something has happened and he's only a shadow of his former self. He has some primitive technology to keep him going - external spine and wheels as legs. He drags himself trough the rough land. 

Anxious project I'd say. Not humorous anymore.

I've found it hard to start anything after a long break, but I've been maturing the thought of the new character who's joining the ramshackle forces of Merchant. Now I assume I have the right parts glued together, and the next step is to take some GS and fill the gaps.

I call him Lotus Hatcher.

Also here's a picture of my new more powerful lamp - it's a LED-rail with moving spots. As I've experienced, the color of the light is slightly more natural than my old lamp has. I use both of them at the same time to get awesome lightning conditions. I attached the LED-rail to a cymbal stand with some thick thread and voila!

How about other gentlemen of Brushes United? It's been a silent period of time, but as the nights are getting darker I assume our visions are getting brighter. What are you doing at the moment?

I challenge you you to construct a characteristic model around a collection of bitz you thought you'd never use - surprise yourselves!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Skorne, 50pts!

Hi all (once again!)

I have been slavering on my Skorne minis for PP as I went to a tournament with them. I played a 40pts Xerxis brick with 10 pts specials. It was a team tournament and I lost every got damn battle but had tons of fun. Here's my carry tray with my brick of medium base infantry and Mr.Tibbers.

Enjoy the picture bombing!

Still rotting!


Wow I have been quite for a long time I finally finished something nurgly to show here. I have been stuck in the Warmahordes swamp for a good while now and after finishing above 100pts for my skorne and struggling with finding time to paint and battling a bad back I finally finished up something worth showing.

First up some razorboars

And the some warriors more (soon done!)

and three small uglies!

cheers and thanks for looking, I will also post a update on my skorne minis as I have been laboring a lot on them lately.