Sunday, November 10, 2013

Still rotting!


Wow I have been quite for a long time I finally finished something nurgly to show here. I have been stuck in the Warmahordes swamp for a good while now and after finishing above 100pts for my skorne and struggling with finding time to paint and battling a bad back I finally finished up something worth showing.

First up some razorboars

And the some warriors more (soon done!)

and three small uglies!

cheers and thanks for looking, I will also post a update on my skorne minis as I have been laboring a lot on them lately.


  1. For the glory of Papa Nurgle... these are deliciously foul!
    Love the colours and all the details. Those saliva strings on the toad are just bloody brilliant, though!

  2. those toads look great. good stuff man :)

  3. Great scheme – it ties the models together really nicely. I especially like the bloodshot eyes effect on the toads.
    How are the infantry based? Are those coins?

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