Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I also paint this super Spawn from Forgeworld , stunning miniature! ...and HUGE!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello all! I've been out for more than a year,,,damn!
But I'm back finally , not so much time but I have some pics to show :)

As always , my beloved nurgle guys from the 80's!

Ok this mini is not "old" as the others BUT in my opinion it have a nice old feeling , and in fact you'll see that it feets quite well among the others. He'll be the champion of the nurgle warriors unit!
As always a lot of tones and colours have been lost on the pics...but anyway , not bad pics at all.

And here with the other guys, don't look out of place in my opinion , what u think?

                                                                 The hooded guy!

                                                          The one legged brothers :)

                                                                  and a group shot:

Hope you like them guys ;)