Saturday, August 17, 2013

BA Commission work

Phew! Just finished a set of blood angels and now they're ready to be sent back home for the client. This commission took me pretty long time, and it delayed time after time, but my client was very supportive and I thank him for the patience. The painting itself didn't take too many hours, but I had problems with scheduling my actual work and commissions jobs.

But, now were here and it's time to dig out the next commission army...

I made a battle worn look to the armor - even it's plain red, it's pretty organic looking overall. By using acrylic inks I got this funny effect. Acrylic inks stick quite badly over white basecoat, and it can be rubbed away with another paint. This time I used clear orange to rub the acrylic ink away.. So the whiter/lighter parts of the armor is rubbed clear orange ;)  

Crash boom bang.