Thursday, February 21, 2013

Squad done!

Allrighty people, I'm back form the dead (again!) and painted this squad during one evening. and did the finishing touches next morning.

I've been extra hurry with school, and life, and with horse blah argh. No time for fun. I've storaged my paints under my table more than one month and I wasn't sure if they still were alive and good to use. Long story short, I think paints are ok but the painter is rusty.

I basecoated this minis first with black and then gave them a smoke of white primer to make zenithal lightning. After I painted these I realized they could have been easier to do over to a plain white... Well, my goal is to get these ready for  battles, not to stay in my dusty cabinet! Just some washes and metals, and minimal highlights, and that's it. The basic green I used here is kabalite green+black ink.

You maybe can see all the parts I skipped for the sake of completing the unit in time - and I don't care! As a unit it looks quite cool, but when you take closer look to the minis, they really are roughly brushed...

Next step is to paint the Dark Angels Hell's Angels! Did you get it? hoo hoo!
-> the motorbike squad...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nurgle Lord WIP 2

I am making slow progress on painting the Nurgle Lord, who I have tentatively named Anguis Lumbricus, King of Worms. Some basic colours are on and shading started, but there's still a long way to go. I have been slowed by, what else, a bout of illness, which knocked me out for three days!

Green armour is a bit of a cliche for Nurgle figures, but in the end it seemed right for this figure. I reckon on the pink of the worms and the red raw boils (still to be done) to really stand out on the green background of the armour.

What are you guys working on at the moment?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nurgle Lord WIP

Hey guys, who would like a little Nurgle love to chase away those midwinter blues? Here's an Avatars of War figure and the start of a scenic base, made from the top of a deodorant can and some coconut shell. The metal figure is nicely detailed and pretty chunky, he's a cuddly fella!

I glued on the shell to the plastic can top using superglue, then let it dry while I had a spot of lunch. Then I decided to drill holes into the base to pin the figure on to it. Of course, the shell immediately came loose from the base. So I have now fixed it on using grey stuff putty, it acts as a glue for me, I rarely ever sculpt with it.

Here's another picture a couple of hours later. The shell is now secure and I have added a tree root and a few other bits to make it more "rooty". The figure is not glued to the base, I use the wine cork when painting. I will probably make a second more standard base, just for gaming. I am hoping to enter the WAMP Avatars of War painting competition with this guy, so there's just two weeks to get him done. More WIP shots to come later in the week.

There, you feel better now don't you?