Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cat Ganondorf (WIP)

Alright folks, here's a quick picture collab of a Ral Partha miniature I own. I don't know wich race this represents, or the name of the miniature. But, the mini is cool as heck and I wish I could get more of these fantastic sculpts someday.

I think I'll give him a showcase-base (IT WOULD BE MY FIRST COOL BASE) and then finish his legs and maybe give another tattoo/warpaint to him somewhere. I'm not sure about the colour of the sash he has under his belly. Maybe there'll be some changes before I call this a finished piece.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tutorial (well, kind of)

Well, I'm been asked to make a tutorial of miniature painting and especially about the advances of white basecoat, so here's one. Enjoy and feel free to give me further advice how to make these tutorials better!

Let's paint another santa's little helper with blood and stuff.

Step 1: White basecoat over the miniature.

 Step 2: Tanned flesh over randomly picked areas

Step 3: Charadon Granite, Snakebite Leather and Tamiya clear orange and W&N nut brown with water and a drop of dish washing soap.

(Here's a picture of my palette after that mixture - with a little bit of black added for the next mix)

Step 4: The same mix again with a bit of bloodletter included.

Step 5: Again; the same paint mix as before with added Blood letter shade! Added to areas wich looked like in need of reddish tint! In this step it's important to build up gradient with the fles mix as used before. Few light coats does the job.

Step 6: The previous mix with a little bit of added black.... Added to the places I have no idea. The picture tells more. The poxes are painted with black and the eye got a orange glow from Tamiya clear orange over white. Poxes are highlighted with charadon granite. Highlighted some of the muscles with a mixture bleached bone and ceramite white.

Step 7: Finished. Tamiya clear red with black added to the wounds and the previous flesh mix added to deepen the skin tone if needed. The tone is mixed again with a tint of black, and the paint is added to the deepest parts of the minitaure (Under muscles and so on). I also used Clear yellow to pick out some wounds, and made a mixture of Tamiya brown and Tamiya clear red and black to make realistic looking feces. The mix is added between the *cheeks.

And that's about it. As you can see, I use the same mixture of already used mixed and just add something more everytime I wan't to make new tones to the miniature. Using wet palette makes this thing possible and saves your paints and helps to keep the tones earthy!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Santa's little helper

Well, here's one of my Germany souvenirs painted. It was interesting to see if I had forgotten how to use paints anymore. White basecoat, green, brown and red washes and a little bit of blood. Few minimal highlights and that's it. Darn I like this hobby!

Next I'll start AGAIN with chaos dwarfs or plague boss (for which I have a marvelous idea!)

Feel free to comment and rant :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back from the dead

Okay fellas, I moved back to my home after a three months perioid spent in Germany, and it's nice to see that things in the miniature world have taken huge leaps to the direction of awesomeness. Forge World has released the new Bull Centaurs for Chaos Dwarfs,  GW made new daemons and other things chaos that really pleases me and gives me new hobby motivation! To be honest, I visited the local wargames store quite often to see if there's any new releases, and the new daemons were spectacular in my opinion, and I bought me little souvenirs from Germany... Not beer pints or any other local things of coolness but plastic soldiers:

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the AOW dwarfs, because for me it was only interesting to see the differences between GW's boxed sets and AOW- sets. I think that the AOW Dwarfs' sculpts are phenomenal, but the casting is a bit poor when compared to the newer GW-sets - There's not so many mold lines in the new GW's plastics, but the AOW castings have the same problem what GW had like 7 years ago. Mold lines, mold lines, mold lines in horrible places what you can never scrape totally off.... Argh.

But I think that these dwarfs will join the evergrowing gang of mutants or evil dwarfs, who knows. People of internet have made cool conversions with the AOW Dwarfs and I assume that next I'll fetch my knife and file and start working with them - Let's see what happens.

Also, it's interesting to see if I can paint anymore!