Saturday, September 8, 2012

Santa's little helper

Well, here's one of my Germany souvenirs painted. It was interesting to see if I had forgotten how to use paints anymore. White basecoat, green, brown and red washes and a little bit of blood. Few minimal highlights and that's it. Darn I like this hobby!

Next I'll start AGAIN with chaos dwarfs or plague boss (for which I have a marvelous idea!)

Feel free to comment and rant :)


  1. Looks gorgeous (well... as gorgeous as a foul plague ridden demon can look anyway...).

    And I really love the basing work you've done on there, how did you do it?

  2. Thank you sir!

    Basing was fairly simple: You just need pine bark and glue, and a little bit of sand. I just took a piece of the pine bark and glued it in to it's place and then I glued sand to the top of the bark. I painted the whole base first with Khemri brown and drybrushed it over with bleached bone. After rhat I poured diluted earth pigment to the upper areas of the base and splashed a bit of black everywhere! The yellow goo is just Tamiya clear yellow :)

    For me basing is pain everytime and I know I should practise doing them properly from now on...

  3. Hey Turska , I'm Bobilero from CMON , you know , I'm a BIG fan of your style since I saw your Chaos Giant.
    This plaguebearer is amazing , look dirty , creepy , bloody...everything he must look like!
    So keep up on your armies , its a plasure to see your pics man!
    Also , did you see the new Forgeworld fire elemental and Magma Dragon??!! Amazing sculpts.... fire/magma related minis...hmmm chaos dwarf army I'm hearing...? :)

    1. Hey Diego! I checked your CMON account and I remember that I saw your miniatures some time ago, great work with them! And thanks for the Forge World hint, I went to the site and I must say the new fire elemantal is phenomenal sculpt. Maybe one on of the characteristic FW-mini's of all time? Really an atmospheric and 'powerful' sculpt. Damn. It's totally something new from them. I wish I could paint fire, so I would buy that mini immeadetly! :)

      Thanks for your reply.

    2. Is easy to paint fire :)
      Just in case you missed the Magma Dragon :