Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back from the dead

Okay fellas, I moved back to my home after a three months perioid spent in Germany, and it's nice to see that things in the miniature world have taken huge leaps to the direction of awesomeness. Forge World has released the new Bull Centaurs for Chaos Dwarfs,  GW made new daemons and other things chaos that really pleases me and gives me new hobby motivation! To be honest, I visited the local wargames store quite often to see if there's any new releases, and the new daemons were spectacular in my opinion, and I bought me little souvenirs from Germany... Not beer pints or any other local things of coolness but plastic soldiers:

I have no idea what I'm going to do with the AOW dwarfs, because for me it was only interesting to see the differences between GW's boxed sets and AOW- sets. I think that the AOW Dwarfs' sculpts are phenomenal, but the casting is a bit poor when compared to the newer GW-sets - There's not so many mold lines in the new GW's plastics, but the AOW castings have the same problem what GW had like 7 years ago. Mold lines, mold lines, mold lines in horrible places what you can never scrape totally off.... Argh.

But I think that these dwarfs will join the evergrowing gang of mutants or evil dwarfs, who knows. People of internet have made cool conversions with the AOW Dwarfs and I assume that next I'll fetch my knife and file and start working with them - Let's see what happens.

Also, it's interesting to see if I can paint anymore!


  1. Thanks man :) I'm also happy that I got home (Lufthansa airlines decided to strike the same day when I had flight back home...)