Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ok , this is a very cool (and big) mini that I had the pleasure to paint on commission for a very nice german guy :)
Don't know way  , but it's been very hard to take good pics of this beast , maybe is because of the big wing creating shadows  , the lightning ... I dont know. The base was build totally from scratch , somekind of ancient ruins....
So, here's this "faceless demon" for your viewing pleasure !

Monday, November 26, 2012

Some more warriors done

Phewww I just had a few hours to finish these trio of oldies today. Nothing fancy and the photo is in bad quality as well. Good news, I'm done with the first 10 nurgle warriors, I also primed 6 more today and got most of the skin done on one more dude. Progress is floating along nicely as I'm trying to finish the first regiment by mid January. I feel like I'm starting to get a better feel for glazes and working with mediums, It actually makes painting skin 'fun' again :D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mr. Bargainer

Okay, I found my Badrukk model from the forgotten pile of miniatures and I gave him new looks with some random plastic parts. Nowadays he's the richest guy from a planet that has only sand and ferocious tentacle monsters under it's surface - He is the guy who makes a fortune by selling tuned up weapons and fancy clothing - Only things he totally understands are the value of good bullets and fabric... He is the fanciest mutant around. You can call him Mr. Bargainer if you wish, he also ha the names like Mr. Shinystuff or Galactic Business Mutie.

He's made to serve my 40K chaos fanatics from the DV set. Conversion and painting took about a day to finish.

Well....How F*****G cool is that beast ?!?

Ok , just got this the other day....and guys i'ts AWESOME and HUGE!!
The upper teeths are not glued yet , as they are so long and will block any further access to the inner mouth.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A rush of inspiration - FW toads more or less done

Hello folks!

I had a ton of inspiration the last days and with the gorgeous FW plague toads in front of me I went to work. The minis have great detail and FW really lives up to the high standard they claim to have. However the choice of minis might have made issues like airbubbles hard to spot due to the nature of the miniature (as well as that I did not have to assemble/clean/glue them). The toads have plenty of character and they have good differences in skin texture which makes painting them a treat with plenty of different boils, wounds, sores and other goodies. My least favorite is the one with closed mouth, I can't put my finger on what bothers me with it but like that one the least of them.

I tried some new brushes from DaVinci  - nova synthetic line size 0 and 0,50. I really like them and only used a smaller brush for the last details. I also used tons of matt medium for the skin and gloss varnish for the gore/blood as well as glazes for texture and fades. I am still learning how to use these techniques but I enjoyed painting with them and I feel a big improvement with each mini completed.

The slime effects were also new for me and created with a contact glue. So far I like it but very few minis will have it as it can easily go OTT. I added it to these as I wanted something to give a feel of them being working hard (like horses froth when they pull stuff etc.) - I hope you get my drift.

The minis will be pulling chariots so they are not 100% done but last touch ups will be added when the rides are done.

Thanks for watching

Competition Time?

Oooh, shiney new blog header pic, nice!

Anybody thinking of entering the Warhammer Forum Conversion challenge? It's just for fun of course, but I thought it might be a nice bit of friendly competition between us. There's only three weeks to the deadline, so it would have to be done fairly soonish. I am hoping to enter my very basic conversion of a chaos army standard bearer, based on an Avatars of War figure. Maybe you proper converters could show me a thing or two?

Another one to consider is the Massive Voodoo Bananalicious Contest. As I understand it, you can enter up to five pieces, at least one of which must be new. So you could pick three or four of your previous jobs, paint up one or two new figures and enter. A chance for the grimesters to show the painting world what we are made of! What say you?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Plague marines anyone ??

Ok , just a few wip pics of my always on  wip state  W40k chaos marines.

Life in the old dog still

Hello guys, number four signing in.

I have been around for a while now, some of you will know me from the Warhammer Forum, where I contribute as Old Fogey. I also lurk and occasionally add to a few other forums, under various names such as Bagpuss, Nord, Soulseeker and TheGreenMan. Some of you might even know my ancient website, Griffin Painting. It's hardly surprising I get confused so easily! On the basis that I am most likely to remember the name I have used the longest, let's stick with Old Fogey.

One of the problems of old age is PILES. I do have a severe case of piles. Every time I sit down, I jump up again in discomfort, muttering to myself, "I must get those piles of unpainted figures out of the cupboard". So I shamble off, down the corridor, turn right, then left, then realise I am in the toilet so turn back round and go to the cupboard. I open the door, and there they are, glistening dully in lead heaps, piled high in dusty boxes of unclipped sprue, or hidden away behind my precious copies of Pipe Smokers Weekly, Caravan Adventures and Which Walking Stick. Where do I start?

Hopefully, the young uns in this ere blog will be able to help out an old duffer like myself. I have several ongoing army projects that I am likely to add to, mainly Chaos (in all three forms of Warrior, Daemon and Beast), Dwarfs, Orcs and Goblins, and possibly even, I can't say the E-word in this grimey place. I also have a simmering desire to paint up hordes of grave guard, zombies, ghouls and yes, I literally do have skeletons in my closet.

So that's what you can expect from this old idiot. Bad jokes, rambling posts and maybe even a bit of painting now and then. Oh, and that picture, it's not really me, though I do have slippers just like it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ribbit Ribbit FW toads a comming

Hello folks

I will take the opportunity to welcome our latest member ;) and I will celebrate it with posting some WIPs on the commission I'm working on. These are some lightly converted FW toads with added beastmen chariot harnesses. I added some gs for fat folds etc. to make the harnesses fit more with the toads. The colors were first chosen to match the nurglings but they turned our far to bright and fleshy so I went back and after a dozen of glazes and washes they looked far better. I finished with adding some slime effects (first time for me) with glue around the tongue/ mouth - I hope you like it I'm quite happy with it. There are some details to be fixed but most of the paintjob is done (except the wood etc which is obvious). Final touch ups will be done when the toad gets some wheels.

Thanks for watching

4 horsemen of apocalypse

....Galloping this direction!

Okay folks! Our crew has grown again with another grimelover, and now we can officially say that our paintsniffer group is international - and the painters in this site share few common things what comes to this hobby and especially to painting. So now there's people from Sweden, Spain, Great Britain and Finland, but there's still some countries to conquer and unite the grimers!

Let's see what future will show in form of Brushes United (name still in under construction), so stay tuned fellow hobbyists!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Nurgle Chaos Lord

Hello guys , I'll show here a bit of a step by step of how I did my Nurgle Lord.

First I used some GS to make the horns , tentacles , etc :

Then from a black priming and white base coat I started to applying very thin layers of inks and very diluted paint, untill I started to reach the desired tone for the skin.

Then I created a cool display base for him to rest there while he's not killing and crushing enemies :)

And here are the final pics:

 Hope you like and please feel free to comment !

Dark Vengeance painting phase 1

The first thing I did when I got the boxes insides out, we played a test game with my buddy. After that I I took my knife and started to scrap out mould lines and flashes. I decided that if I paint the terminators first and not the handsome chaos forces, I might be able to finish the whole box someday - I'll rewad myself with more interesting models after I've done all the boring bits.

These are made quite fast by speedpainting. Some washes over a white basecoat and some minimal highlights plus a variety of aging. The whole squad was painted in or under 8-10 hours (can't tell because I lost my sense of time after a delicious bottle of home made wine).

the whole squad in a blurry pic!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

The third one's here!

Hello people !!

Ok , I'm Diego (Obscure creator) from Spain.
I've been a fan of miniatures and warhammer universe for a long long time.
After a BIG break I've returned with even more passion than before.
I also sculpt big figures (1/6 scale) mostly related with superheroes and some fantasy warriors
and monsters. Lately I'm trying to jump into the small miniature scale and I'm on the good way for that I think :)
Well I DO LIKE monsters and creepy things! So I'm definetly on chaos hands, I like to paint my miniatures on a dark and reallistic style , no super popping colours or very pure tones , at least by now , maybe if I paint an elf some day....
So now I'm very happy to be here with such a great partners and painters and I hope we can make this space a very enjoyable place for the chaos and grime fans!

Another blogger joins the blog – introduction of Animerik/Gspirate

Hello everyone, I'm glad to say that I join this collective of grime painters. Who am I then? I'm a 26 year old grime-lover from Sweden with a passion for sculpting and creating gritty minis. Some of you might have seen my work under my signature Animerik or Gspirate. I have posted at numerous forums such as Warseer, BoC, Papa Nurgle (<3), herdstone, Ogre Stronghold etc. I have created grimey stuff (mostly Nurgle and chaos stuff) since I restarted the hobby in 2004. My major projects have been:

* Deffskulls orks to Warhammer 40k (Now sold)
* Deathguard to Warhammer 40k (still WIP)
* Chaos/nurgle ogre kingdoms to WHFB (Still WIP)
* Chaos mortals/beast/ deamons to WHFB (Traded with a friend)

Right now I'm working on a very large commission which includes a number of classic chaos minis as well as some beasts and FW goddies – keep you eyes on this space as progress on the commission will shown.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Turskan and Obscure Creator for inviting me 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let the renovating begin

Because of my awful tooth pain I had an excuse stay awake whole night and start to modify this page to please the newcomers...  It's important to put all the skeletons back to closets before the new friends arrive.

Ah this is exciting!

To celebrate this newborn blog I bought the new 40K starter set for no good reason. Last night I also had my first 40K game ever (not forgetting that I haven't played even FaBa for at least 5 years) and boy it was a total mess after assembling the miniatures and starting to learn the rules from numerous booklets and sheets. And of course my Froces of Chaos got massacred immediately. Maybe after 100 games it's possible to play without checking all the statistics from the rulebooks every 2 minutes, right The miniatures of Dark Vengeance are the best plastic ones I've seen, and I hope they get some coats of paint so playing the game ain't that dull looking!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Okay. Let's hope the new bloggers arrive today or tomorrow and let's hope they let us hear some information about themselves.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

COMMERCIAL TIME! I painted something! A year ago!

To keep this blog full of pictures, here's a Arcade controller my friend built, and another dude draw the poor hardcore Slayer fan, and for the last I added some gore and other paints to the mix. Coolest controller ever? There's the essence of gaming: bursting brain.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Transformation! Evolution! Triple the grime!

As I've seen, keeping this blog updated to be even slightly interesting is nearly impossible for me - there ain't so many readers and my updates are usually not so big deal, I'm a slow painter and nowadays I don't have much time to paint and do modelling... So, the gods of the warp heard my silent wish and offered me some help. And the help comes in form of making few changes, major ones! Evolution!

I got an interesting email few months ago, and I was slow enough to read it three days ago. Ahem. I'm not slow or anything... gahh. The email told me that there's one hobbyist who would wan't to make cooperation with blogging, so the snowball started to roll...


This means that there will be not only one extra but TWO other talented painters and writers keeping this blog alive, and I hope the grime will triple during the cooperative blogging. It's possible that we will change the blog's name to something more suitable, and also the overall feel of the blog page will hopely change aswell. And when three painters join their forces, there will be more updating and more pics, more blabbering, more everything. more more MORE oh snap!

Goodbye Codfish Parings, welcome____________(<-blogs name)

I (or we) shall inform you about the change when the time's right.

Happy blogging everybody!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween countdown part 3; WIPs

The big day ain't far away. Two days more and a ton of setting to do before the party. The Reverse beartrap from Saw isn't 100% replica, cause we didn't have enough parts from different machines to add to the mask... But it was a fun project to do with my fiancee. And it looks quite effective when you turn off the normal lightbulbs and light on the blacklight! And for a Halloween costume, it's also cheap enough (mainly it's made of trash!)