Monday, November 19, 2012

Nurgle Chaos Lord

Hello guys , I'll show here a bit of a step by step of how I did my Nurgle Lord.

First I used some GS to make the horns , tentacles , etc :

Then from a black priming and white base coat I started to applying very thin layers of inks and very diluted paint, untill I started to reach the desired tone for the skin.

Then I created a cool display base for him to rest there while he's not killing and crushing enemies :)

And here are the final pics:

 Hope you like and please feel free to comment !


  1. Sweet conversion mate, I really liked it the first time that I saw it and the additions as well as the earthy/realistic paintjob looks very good. I also like the scenicbase you made as it balances the mini nicely.

    Good stuff and thanks for sharing

  2. Hey thanks Erik!
    Can't believe you have not painted yet one of those guys , its an amazing mini! Come on do one :)

  3. I think the extra tentacles really do the trick to make this model stand out nicely from the other similar chaos characters. And I like the fact that there ain't too many sparkling colours there - there's still depth even the paintjob is somewhat monochromatic. Awesome!

  4. I want one too! This is a great treatment of what has quickly become a classic model. I hope to get one some day and hopefully do as good as job as you have here. Maybe you could instruct us in how to make the base/socket?