Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another blogger joins the blog – introduction of Animerik/Gspirate

Hello everyone, I'm glad to say that I join this collective of grime painters. Who am I then? I'm a 26 year old grime-lover from Sweden with a passion for sculpting and creating gritty minis. Some of you might have seen my work under my signature Animerik or Gspirate. I have posted at numerous forums such as Warseer, BoC, Papa Nurgle (<3), herdstone, Ogre Stronghold etc. I have created grimey stuff (mostly Nurgle and chaos stuff) since I restarted the hobby in 2004. My major projects have been:

* Deffskulls orks to Warhammer 40k (Now sold)
* Deathguard to Warhammer 40k (still WIP)
* Chaos/nurgle ogre kingdoms to WHFB (Still WIP)
* Chaos mortals/beast/ deamons to WHFB (Traded with a friend)

Right now I'm working on a very large commission which includes a number of classic chaos minis as well as some beasts and FW goddies – keep you eyes on this space as progress on the commission will shown.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Turskan and Obscure Creator for inviting me 

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  1. Hey Erik , some link with working pics for this thread?
    Chaos mortals/beast/ deamons to WHFB (Traded with a friend)