Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mr. Bargainer

Okay, I found my Badrukk model from the forgotten pile of miniatures and I gave him new looks with some random plastic parts. Nowadays he's the richest guy from a planet that has only sand and ferocious tentacle monsters under it's surface - He is the guy who makes a fortune by selling tuned up weapons and fancy clothing - Only things he totally understands are the value of good bullets and fabric... He is the fanciest mutant around. You can call him Mr. Bargainer if you wish, he also ha the names like Mr. Shinystuff or Galactic Business Mutie.

He's made to serve my 40K chaos fanatics from the DV set. Conversion and painting took about a day to finish.


  1. Looks good ! I guess... the pic is a bit small and blurry , but the mini looks super!
    Please take some better pics of him my friend!

  2. I think you need to switch the height and width numbers in the image html for how it is displayed.

    Clicking on the image is okay though.

    I think this conversion/paintjob is awesome... I'd consider using it for something like a Necromunda scavvy leader or something similar.

  3. Sweet mini mate! I had never thought of that use for that ork mini. I really like how you worked it from a ork to a mutie with brilliance. The little story really brings it to life and the colors chosen are (as always) grim, gritty and lovely. The orange scheme also reflects the story which is a nice touch.

    To be nitpicking I would like a bit more of contrast to the skin on the face to make it a focal point.

    The addition of checkers to the collar is bad-ass btw