Saturday, November 24, 2012

Competition Time?

Oooh, shiney new blog header pic, nice!

Anybody thinking of entering the Warhammer Forum Conversion challenge? It's just for fun of course, but I thought it might be a nice bit of friendly competition between us. There's only three weeks to the deadline, so it would have to be done fairly soonish. I am hoping to enter my very basic conversion of a chaos army standard bearer, based on an Avatars of War figure. Maybe you proper converters could show me a thing or two?

Another one to consider is the Massive Voodoo Bananalicious Contest. As I understand it, you can enter up to five pieces, at least one of which must be new. So you could pick three or four of your previous jobs, paint up one or two new figures and enter. A chance for the grimesters to show the painting world what we are made of! What say you?


  1. TWF conversion challange seems nice, I got just the mini for it! Glad to see people using the WoW minis, they are really nice and provides the maret with some better looking chaos minis. I will enter a nurgle chaos warrior standard bearer with plenty of GS added.

    The MV challange sounds daunting as their level of painting is so far beyond mine. I think I got a piece that I would like to add but I'm not sure I will make it in time as plenty of putty work still needs to be done. I will try and see if it is possible.

    Damn you and you inspiration old git ;) let's make this happen

  2. The MV crew are not entering the competition, they are judging it! There will probably be a high standard of entries, but I was thinking it's a chance to do something a bit different, maybe try to push yourself that little bit further if you can. We could help each other out, giving tips and suggestions along the way - WIP photos are fine if you read the competition rules. The worst that can happen is you paint up a really nice addition to your personal collection, even if you don't win an MV prize.

  3. Yeah that's true, you swing a persuasive argument sir. Sounds like a good idea, I'm in with a converted palanquin if I make it in time with the conversion/paintjob.

  4. "Yeah that's true, you swing a persuasive argument sir"

    More of that with age comes wisdom eh ;P

    Sounds interesting I have barely looked at my WHF account in the past 9 months so I'll try to give it a go.

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  6. Go Fogey, I knew you would have nice idea for this. I read the competition thread from TWF and by accident I converted and also painted one model to match the competition...

    So, I'm ready to post the pictures of the unpainted and painted model ;)

    Count me in I would say! The Bananalicious contest is also tempting. I vote for grimers to take part to the challenges!