Monday, April 22, 2013

Xenos approaching revisited

I didn't even know I'd be capable of doing this sort of converting or background creating. Few days ago a friend of mine came over and asked me what are those cyclops on my table, and by accident I understood totally where these monsters come from, why they have fancy clothes and so on. It's just a clue I got, but I think it tells me the direction where to go next... And as usually, I don't know anything about the fluff, but I heard there's a big hive-city in necromunda games, and I suddenly understood that these guys don't come form any level of that hive - but from an endless prairies of red sand. The image I have in my head is a mix of spaghetti western and scifi, as in marvelous books of Stephen King (the dark tower series). I assume they've never heard of forces of chaos or imperium or anything like that, but their time stands still in a parallel version of a twisted wild west somewhere in always mutating space and time. I think I'm forced to add stetson or a bottle of bourbon to the next fella... 

Newcomer ready to cause some havok after greenstuffing.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The painting funk

Hello dear readers,

I have hit a painting funk, and so I got to a point where I was unhappy with almost all I'm doing and uninspired to continue any of it. Hence the lack of updates. What sparked my interest again was a quick game of Hordes (PP) with a friend. So now I'm distracted once again to do yet another project. However trying to finish up what I got I have done some work on the Ungors (nothing much to show yet as they are painted in batches of 10) and some work on my Hordes army (mostly head and weapon swaps) so the little progress I can show is on the tzzeenchy display board (realm of chaos gang/ whatsnots)
Skorn Nihalators. I was so sick of the original sculpts, the original heads are too big and their swords to chunky for my taste. A quick rumble through the bitboxes gave them Dark eldar hellion heads (some other DE heads as well) and some swords from the dark elf corsairs. I do like them much better now.

 The first layers have been put down on this first part of the spawn, the hair is almost done now, some tweaking still remains. I also want to try and shade the skin with some blues, purples and such but so far only the basics of the skin is there.
 And some small details for the display board. Nothing fance or done yet but at least something to show ;)

Cheers and thanks for looking

Friday, April 12, 2013

Teaser pictures - night owl updating

Allright, I added some paint to the monster I built. The idea was not to make 40K fimir, and I hope I fullfilled that goal... The critter with halo will probably have plain black eyes because it's quite hard for me to make glowing eyes that small looking natural. The "elephant man" looks quite effective with his sloppy and tired eye, it looks 666% better in real life :)

I'll take better pictures as soon as sun comes back here...

I already have one guy more for this group, but I think it would be better for me to finish the Dark Vengeance set.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Display board

Hello once again

I've always wanted to do a display board and the realm of chaos warband I'm working on suits this perfectly. I started with a paintingsframe and started to build up using the ususal cork and slate and some putty

However I was very unhappy with it. It was far too generic, not suiting the miniatures and in the end not what I was looking for. I envisioned something more swirly, tzeentchy and a mix of elements, a clash of ordered and chaotic structures. In the end I went for this instead

It is not done yet and lots of things needs to be added, chaotic arrows, riverts, details, gravel, dust, corals, fishes, water etc. I really wanted to make a scene which displays 'on the shoreline of (tz)change
For further realm of chaos feel I added skulls with runes and hanging chains (also inspired by Warhammer online concept art)

The color of the stone paving is made following a tutotial on Sprocket's small world (link in the bar to the right). 

Touch ups and a few more highligts on this one and now it only needs some more loving until it is done.

Hope you like and thanks for watching

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daemons Kitbashing

I finally found my mojo, turns out it had been sucked into the Realm of Chaos and I found it again when I opened up the new Daemons book. The army rulest has a few random dice rolls to spice up the game, not as crazy as the classic Lost and the Damned or Slaves to Darkness, but still it does take me back a bit.

The new models are not to all tastes, I am struggling to like most of them, but I have a considerable collection to draw on, so I can just build my own things. Which is nice.

The Daemon Prince is a case in point. The plastic model is not for me, it looks like a massive steroid overdose on Arnie gone wrong. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from, but I found most of the old Azazel model stashed away in my cupboard, so that will do for me. An old metal fiend head fits reasonably well, he just needs some grey stuff to smooth the joins.

The other three figures are far more ambitious, I'm not sure my sculpting skills are up to it, but I will give it a go. Three potential Nurgle Beasts for my Daemon army. I am only using two in my list at the moment, so I can afford to really mess one up.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Serious muscle joining the Merchant Xenos

(Terminator is just for showing the scale)

clink clonk whhrrrr


B A M! zztttt clink

*Oi! Chief, not that one...*

*Chief, remember we're not practicing now....*

Ka CHLINK boing


*You three there, there'sssss no time to foolll around - If you cccan't keepp your mouths ss-shut for a minute I'll just have to tell to... tel-le tell te te-ll... bugger!
I'll tell to Bargainer you're slowing ussss down*


Monday, April 1, 2013

Inspirational video

This just in:

Follow the steps and bring the slayer sword home anytime!
Inspirational, innovative, ingenious. Top techniques!