Sunday, June 23, 2013

Aeon Blacksmith

The former grandmaster of astral magic, the planetary blacksmith and the creator of subspace timezones and forbidden corners of the red planet - nowadays a poor traveler with zero income and only cheap tricks in his sleeve to entertain his travelling company (you see, for a certain reason in this particular time and place this sort of scholars of magic are relatively poor, because the amount of tricks and godly miracles depends on the insides of your wallet - don't ask me why) Still, even he's a poor chap and needs to do the sweaty work for the merchant, he's able to teleport and divide zero by two, not a big deal.

The psi-energy surrounding him is pretty massive and causes horrible migrenia to everybody. The only one who haven't been complaining about brain issues is muscle fort lurking behind the leaders - and the reason for not having deadly ache is probably he doesn't have the organ which could be hurt by the wave of psi-energy. There's a traffic light-like collection of eyes in his head, but truly the only seeing eye is his hand - this eye sees trough dimensions and time, as well as the walls of private rooms. 

Allright; here's something I invented:
I painted this dress with acrylic inks and drawing inks. I made a basecoat of Daler&Rowney FW flame red acrylic ink. The awesome thing here is, that acrylic ink covers with one coat and you can make it pretty rough. Then I made another coat with Liquitex Naphtol Crimson ink. After this I got experimental...

I took my W&N orange ink which I had kept open the past weeks, and started to make a coat over the previous inks. I had a brush which had pretty hard bristles, so my brush tore off the previous inks. But because I had orange ink in my bristles, the brush stated to make 'orange damage' to the figure instead of just revealing the white basecoat. It's like drybrushing with ink + making damage to the previous paint layers... Reverse drybrushing? 

The golden parts were made with W&N gold ink, which is liquid gold leaf and irritating as hell to handle and impossible to photograph.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Not dead...

No I'm not dead, just quiet (for once). I got drawn into playing hordes and I all blame a certain friend for that.

However I have painted a bunch, here is a overview of my Skorne army for Hordes so far

and some painted ungors


Cheers and thanks for looking 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cleaning the table

Phew, it's been a busy month with everything in life. But especially busy with painting commission stuff... I finished this Dark Eldar force this evening and tomorrow it will be sent to my client. I hope the space elfs have a good journey.