Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marked Men

My spinoff miniature the Marked Man riding a decaying horse just got 3 fellow characters for his merry group. First I tried to make totally different group without any chaos wibes... But after a while I saw that I can make these miniatures to match the background of the Marked Men and still make them look more Imperial. At the moment I see these characters representing the ever-changing nature of spirit - they are not turned towards chaos, not the servants of Imperium but more like a limbo between those spaces. Let's see which side takes control.

 The idea of falling limbs took control over me - I see these separate heads actually are former heads of the character carrying 'em. The Doctor (painboy) has a tiny servitor on his shoulder and few dead heads hanging around. The Lady has still functioning head in her belly, but I see it's a dying organ. The Boar has three functioning heads - the strapped one is his newest head, the middle one the elder head, and the lowest the soon dying one. As the horse riding marked man carries his fallen limbs around, these characters gave me the idea to mix multiple personalities and generations into one body.

As plants, they grow leaves (limbs) just to drop them some day.


  1. Very creepy. I love the thought of them replacing the body parts as they die off.


    1. Falling limbs are romantic in some way... Thanks!

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