Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More followers of change

Yet another update on my realm of chaos warband:

Frist up another Tzaangor

The mini is based on the same great plastic brayshaman. The head is from the Witchling + some horns from the screamer kit. The ball and cape are from the empire wizard kit, the staffhead is from the witchling as well. The axe is from crocodile games and the shield is from reaper + some instamould from the warhammer 40k chaos veichle kit. The leg with the wierd (and unfinshied) foot is made from a bloodletter head + some wire. The pointing hand is from the skaven stormvermin kit and I saved this bit for a wizard for a long time as I really love the ring on the finger. If I have the energy this guy will have another ring or so.

Next beastman is the one already shown, but I have changed some stuff.
This one is also made from the GW plastic great brayshaman. I changed one foot to a kroot foot so it could hold the book from the empire wizard kit. The other leg got shaved and I added a spiney thing from a dark elf corsairs banner. The axe is also from Crocodile games and the scroll from PP. The book on his back is from the GW empire flagilant kit and it is covered by a shield made from a gutplate with a insta mould on top of the Tzeentch icon from the 40k veichle kit. Bottom of the staff is from a Dark eldar transtport and the top from crocodile games. The horns were changed with the use of a candle and some tweezers.

Last of the gors is a dude made from Malagor the dark omen.
So far only a head from a gor (previous edition) + some feathers from the witching. I also added some bottles from the VC corpse cart and a knife from the empire wizard box. I also slapped on a scroll case from PP. So far not too much to see but I'm getting there.

Thanks for looking


  1. Excellent stuff, you have a real flair for converting.

  2. I never thought somebody could be brave enough to cut pricey finecast miniatures into small pieces - isn't that first guys head from the new champion GW released a while ago? The head swap is brilliant. It fits to the rest of the body in a twisted way. And I sill admire your artistic and stylish eye you have for converting, absolutely lovely stuff.

    And hey buddys, we just broke the record of 10 000 viewers here. Should we celebrate this happening somehow? Cheers all!

  3. Thanks Fogey, now I just wish I had your skills with the brush ;) (impulsively I thought about screaming 'combine!' like they do in transformers so that our powers might be united, but on second thought let's not.....)

    Turska: Finecast, plastic, metal they are all the same to me ;) The head is indeed from the Tzeench character. I chopped it apart and used it on several minis in the crew.

    Yeah we should do something about the 10 000 views! Any ideas?