Thursday, March 28, 2013

The changer of ways crew- main villain

Time to show of the main villain of the crew which is a
chaos dwarf sorcerer / warhound hybrid with hooves, the head of a dragon , big ears, covered in feathers just to mention a few (man these realm of chaos tables are random!). I did add the different aspects of the character with a bit of artistic freedom (as in the head of a dragon....). There is still lots of stuff to be done on this one but let's say that it is about 20% done.

Cheers all


  1. Tjena Erik.

    Long time fan here. Nice to see you return to WFB again (loved your chaos warriors).

    Would you mind telling what parts you used?
    And what are your bases made from?


  2. Thenare Ramblarn ;)

    Glad to please,

    The parts used so far.
    Privateer press, Hordes, Circle orbos, Warwolf - For the warhound body
    Helldorado, Lost, Vorenus
    The scales are instamoulds from GW chaos character 'the witchling'
    Arm is from the GW stormvermin kit
    Staff is from crocodile games
    The top of the staff is from the old 40k chaos sorc.
    Tail is a cut of hairdo on a kroot.
    Hoves from some poor Beastmen

    The base is made from 2 mm plasticart which I have carved patterns in .