Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A trip down the lead mines

Hey guys, sorry I have not been very active with the brush recently, lost my mojo a little bit. I have been painting elves on commission and don't feel much like painting my own stuff after all those skirts ;)

Here's a little thing I did in between dragon scales! I might take up steampunk gaming later in the year so I had a wander round the old lead mines. Sure enough, I found this suspicious looking character lurking around one corner. He's an old Foundry figure, I whizzed on some paint just to test a very muted, slapped on scheme. If I do start gaming, it's likely that a "warband" would be just 7 or 8 figures like this, so I could get the whole lot done in one day! Just the ticket when faced with three thousand elf gems.


  1. Ah, I can feel your pain! Be strong with your commissions and reward yourself nicely with these jolly looking miniatures.

    Simple and beautiful, and it's great to see more 'down to earth' miniatures - no muscles, no complicated weapons, no magical stuff going on... Great!

    Around these miners I can see great scenery. Are you going to build a whole gang?

  2. I would like to collect a few more. My mate is developing a ruleset, or we could buy into Empire of the Dead by Westwind. And it's true that this is just a guy with a cudgel and a lantern, but it can get a bit weird and wacky. There are vampires, werewolves, gentlemen fighting them, zombies, mechanical constructs, and other oddities. It's the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Gothic Horror Show on Steroids. I might have to trademark that name ;)

  3. Great mini mate, I do agree with truska about the brilliance in simplicity. Sometimes less is more when the miniature is not covered in gems, skulls or other details. The colors are great as well now I want more :D