Monday, March 18, 2013


Here's a quick update again. Only some finishing touches for these before I call the group done. The reason for why there ain't mud splatters is that I wan't to make the splatters for all the cultists at the same time (I'm usually stupid enough to forget how I made some effects and the results don't match...) Enjoy.

I don't know if I went too far with the detailing this time. Truly if there's something I can't stand is too detailed stuff... Less is more sometimes!

I guess in his mom's eyes he's handsome.


  1. Very nice!

    Lovin' the eye lenses as well, the hint of red gives it a real gem-like quality.

  2. Those are some seriously awesome paint jobs! I just love it when they get a grimy and dirty, yet you pick out all the right details to really make them pop :)

  3. Thanks Feral and Schwager! I'm struggling with the rest of the mob, but I hope I can finish them in time... Thanks again!