Thursday, September 12, 2013

Head issue

Here's pretty rough sketch of the forthcoming character for my Mercenary Group. The reason for why there ain't a real life miniature of this fella yet is I'm quite sure that somebody has a better idea for the head. long horse skull with meaningless wiring just doesn't work well, and I'm here to get inspiration from you guys. Also, the second reason for the lack of figurines is I had a surgery last week and I'm slowly recovering. I'm able to get known to my sofa better and better, but I'm not able to sit yet. Phew.

Check this Gladiator out:

The idea behind this character is to represent a gladiator who has seen his best days. His Lower body is amputated, and now he drags his remains in a mine cart. Yes, I know the dimensions here are goofy, but hey, what the heck. I decided to use the mine cart form Battle of Skullpass and upper body of a Gorger. Fits well. BUT THE HEAD!


  1. Cool. He's a gladiator, right? Then how about some kind of a battered, alieny gladiator helmet?

  2. I agree with Ana.

    Maybe something similar to the Dark Elder grotesque or talos helmets.
    But with added details to distance it from the Dark Eldar aesthetic.

    The upper portion of the helm full, but the lower portion removed/damaged, showing the jaw/mandibles/tentacles of the creature beneath the mask.

    Well that's my tuppence worth. I'm really looking forward to seeing this come together.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks Ana and Stygianheart!

      I've tried to fit a gladiator head/helmet(ogre tyrant head with cool spiky helmet) but I feel a small head makes the image unbalanced. This crocodile style head might be the right shape or silhuette, but the horse-skull feel is lousy. Alien-style head could be the answer...

      I'm pretty neurotic what comes to putting characters together. I usually get the name first, and the name tells me what to build. This guy started with the name Lotus Hatcher.

  3. Gorgeous concept! The current head puts me in mind of 2000AD's Nemesis the Warlock. If you're still on the lookout for ideas, can I suggest that you have a recognisably human face? If you're going for faded grandeur, you could get across emotions like fear of eventual failure, anger at his disfigurement or resignation at his new role much more easily.

    If you're concerned about scale, then you might look at larger models like GW's Krieger 'Krash' Thrax (whose head would work very nicely) or perhaps even a heavily-converted ork head.

    Sticking with Ogre Kingdoms would let you use the executioner-style character (I want to call him Scrag, but that might not be right) or the firebreathing guy with the mask. Both have covered or partially-covered faces, which would work nicely to suggest a sort of Mexican wrestler style concept of hiding his face for pride, despite being unable to compete any more.

    If you want to retain the nonhuman side, then the Ogre Kingdom plastic set comes with an excellent giant ram's head banner pole topper. Using this as a skeleton (how fitting :D) would let you build up a cool unrecognisable head.

    Of course, you could comine these; a human face for the expression, and a stylised metal mask/helmet for the non-human appearance.

    1. Your suggestions were great, and I thank thee. The point of getting expression to characters face is brilliant idea, but I think I found a perfect solution for the face. I decided to make it again a cyclops themed, but with stitched eye socket(s). It could be pretty creepy I assume. Thanks again :)

  4. I´m going against the grain here; squid head with more than two eyes. Something super freaky looking with a mass of tentacles covering the mouth. Give him a lot of scars and maybe metal plates screwed directly into his flesh as old battle damage "repairs"..

    Oh, and get well soon! Nothing serious, I hope?

    1. Thanks man, I'm also more comfortable with the idea of traffic light head as aeon blacksmith has, but with more gruesome outcome with stitches and scars. Let's see how this turns out!

      Nothing too serious, thanks, I'm starting to be okay and ready to grab my brushes again!

  5. Only thing or word that came to my mind is: impressive!

    It would be nice to see more concept art and stuff.

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