Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frost bite (WIP and RANDOM)

Greetings from my slumber.

Because I'm still not able to sit behind my desk and start painting anything, I'll upload a shameless "test" I've made some time ago. The painting phase is totally not finished, but here you can see my approach to the mini. I decided to make more like textural approach than just coloring certain areas. Here I've strippled, washed, glazed, scored and scratched to make different surfaces look more natural. Yes, the pics are cryptic. I enjoyed painting Skrag's skin thoroughly - There's necrosis, frost bites, scars, and spooky silhouettes. After I correct his eye, he looks like mean business I hope. Blood in the cauldron was again made with acrylic inks + tamiya clear. Ahh...


  1. Theres some lovely shading on the skin and some really nice tones, the blade in the bottom right looks really nice and textured. I think the brass/ iron could possibly need some more depth or texture, looks a little smooth in the photo. Really nice style of painting, especially the cauldrons content, very bloody!

  2. Love that skin tone you have there, and there´s that gritty almost oil-painting like effect too. I really like it. Somehow, I think the blood could use maybe a hint more purple and a deeper, slightly darker red tone,

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