Friday, September 20, 2013

A possible way forward

I am still looking for a decent sized project to help keep me sane through the long winter months. One possible idea is to work on my Nurgle daemons. This picture shows some of the collection - an Avatars of War herald, a very old painted Fenryll putrid horror and a pile of plastics. There's 15 assembled plaguebearers plus a complete box of 10 still on their sprue. In addition, I have 7 old school metal plaguebearers that I painted a few years back - these are on round bases and are pink, which may or may not be a viable starting point. I have a few other bits that I reckon I could add to this lot, I am pretty sure there are a few more metals lurking around the back of the cupboard somewhere, plus more non-daemon plastics that could be drafted in. At a minimum then there are 32 plaguebearers here, plus 2 rather portly heralds. With a bit of chopping and scrounging from other sources I reckon 2 units of 20 plus herald would be doable.

Here's a scale shot of the heralds and a minion. They are big chaps, there's no doubting who is boss here. The winged daemon I would make some changes to - probably remove the wings and some of the softer looking spikes. I would repaint him too, the dark green is a very poor base to add special effects such as gore and drool.

Hands up if you love Nurgle!


  1. Four tentacles up for this.. :) We demand a carnival of chaos warband!! Seriously, do some more crazy conversions and make a mordheim warband out of them.

  2. Conversions are a distinct possibility, but I don't play Mordheim so it would be more Warhammer-ish. However, I have a cunning plan to base some in groups of 4, some singly, so the singles could be Mordheim-ish. We will see how it goes. I would also like to make some Nurgle beasts, got lots of bits that could be used there.

  3. I agree with Mika, a a carnival of foul souls with silly hats would be mind blowing experience!

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