Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back in the game

I was invited to join, and did so with pleasure! It´s great to be among a set of painters of this caliber, and I feel even more motivated to finish off some old projects and start some new ones.

Most know me from the warhammer forum and warseer as just plain old "Mika", so I decided to keep the same handle here. No, i´m not the gay singer, though..

As far as my history, I have 20+ years of painting experience under my belt, and around 10 of those years I have focused mostly on a darker, more realistic type of painting, often described as "dark & grim". For me, the inspiration for color schemes has always been in real life, and I like my paintjobs to have some sort of connection to, or a sense of reality.

As far as the hobby scene goes, I have always been a GW mini painter. Not too thrilled about the direction the company is taking at the moment, so I predict my focus will be more in older minis and conversions for the time being. I would definitely like to do something for both necromunda and mordheim, as I seem to enjoy those projects the most.

I hope this inspires the co-bloggers to get some painting or converting done as well! I hate to repost stuff, but here´s my latest finished piece, dubbed as the shotgun preacher;


  1. I remember you Mika, you did those amazing Chaos Renegade Militia and those converted Mutants armed with various work tools?

    Very inspiring work, glad to see you back! Love the Preacher. :)

  2. I remember and love your work mate (Animerik/Gspirate here)! Really happy to have you here, and as soon as my back gets better I will start to post again. I have some updates on my display to do.


  3. Welcome, Welcome and Welcome. I sense this a start of a massive journey to the core of moody artworks and icky grime.

    I hope you enjoy blogging as much as we do :)

  4. Really good to have you back on the brushes. Looking forward to a busy autumn and winter!

  5. Thanks guys! And yes, the chaos militia is my work, and some of my favorite paintjobs to date!

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