Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oi! A monster!

 Well, here's the finished piece with overlit photos (damn this dark weather, it's almost impossible to take even decent pictures when the brightest light comes from my fridge)

I truly wanted to test my sculpting skills what comes to wild ideas: The image of swamp-giant came one night and I started to raid my bitz to see if the conversion would be possible. Luckily the freshly purchased Ghorgon kit gave me most of the spikes and horns...

Blah blah blah just check it out!

 Here's a cute little diorama included. I call it "THE TREASURE HUNTER"

"I can't see a damned thing 'cause this cone is blocking the view"


  1. Brilliant, really creepy. How long before the snail finds the treasure?

  2. Thanks Davey and Fogey :) Can't really tell about the snail's intentions, I personally think he's not clever enough to open that chest and retire immeadetly.

    He was rated quite well in CMON; the giant's rating is the highest I've ever gotten, and it ranked to the "Top last 7 days"-page. I'm so proud of him, oh boy they grow so fast.... Thanks again.