Thursday, March 1, 2012

For a test I'll try to upload few pictures of my ongoing projects...

Here's a groovy picture of my Siege gient - project that I started when I found the mutilated carcass of the plastic giant and got an idea.

The excess bracelets from the Ghorgon kit, claws from soulgrinder, and the fungus that I crafted from pike barch gave this guy the look that was stuck in my head after I read the Tamurkhan book.

Why should a  chaos dwarf giant be hidden under a mountain of plate mail?  This giant has been taking a nap in a swamp!

Perfect hygiene


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    1. Welcome to Blogosphere! :)

      That is one hell of a giant! I love those fungus (käävälle muuta käännöstä?) growing on his side and leg. Well done!

      Ps. Anteeksi kommenttisekoilu, ei niitä typoja korjaillakaan näemmä niin helposti.

    2. Polypore would be the next option for more correct translation :)

      I got inpired by Jarhead at Massive Voodoo where he used tobacco-grounds as polypores, and I did not have any tobacco (I don't smoke and tobacco would just be a bit too expensive for warhammer conversion material...). The giant has progressed slightly, and the only lacking thing before completing the model is to make a suitable base for him.

      Ja kiitti Kardinaali vastauksestasi, onpa hauska nähdä että näinkin nopeasti blogit löytyy lukijoiden luo :) Kiitos!

  2. Wow, what a giant! The fungus is genius, but the metals and skin are equally impressive. What a start to a blog, if this is the standard you'll be posting, consider me subscribed!

  3. Welcome Mr.Saturday, nice to have you here as a reader :D

  4. Auspicious. Most auspicious. Tremendous work! I look forward to seeing much, much more.