Saturday, March 17, 2012

Introducing my garden table

Sorry for the crappy cutting.

This was one of the "If I don't do this immeadetly I'll propably lose my mind"-projects. I have this kind of creative storm going on sometimes, and If I don't grab the brushes or drumsticks when the idea comes, it's most likely gone forever or it haunts me the rest of my life.

Like this plastic table I had. It's round, about 80 cm wide. Me and a friend of mine broke the table's legs one night and I did not wan't to throw this away - I thought that some day I'll tear it down to pieces and use in some project that could need thick ripped plastic. Once the idea of stupidly grinning moon came to me, I was not able to start the job without proper acrylics, and it took a whole week to start this painting - what a pain it was just to wait. I could not sleep for nearly entire week because this idea and image expanded in my head all the time. After I purchased the paints, this was ready two days later. Maybe 7 hour's work in total. I felt purified of sorts.

I remember one christmas over ten years ago when santa gave me Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64, and the game hit me like a truck. The idea of a destructive moon coming closer and closer to earth was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen as a little brat. People of Huryle were helpless; everybody just stood there and watched the moon coming down, there was nothing anybody could do. "I'LL CONSUME. EVERYTHING". Gosh it was a sad and horrifying image. People trying to live their lives knowing that the last days are close. Anju and Kafei got married just moments before the disaster, what a tragic story.

The idea of a clock that shows how many hours before the world ends still gives me bad chills.

As a catharsis, I painted the image of this destructive moon. It helps me remember that every moment can be the last I have, remember that lad. Be grateful of the time given.


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