Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nightly thoughts

We all know what it's like to have a primed model soldier on your table. Either it's basecoated black or white , we all become hasty about giving it some more paint and finishing the piece. Completing a work of art balances your inner peace.

Oh the thrill when a primed model steps to your table and gets it's first coats of paint. A white canvas in front of you ready to become alive.

"Everythings okay when I paint this, and I cannot sleep or think anything before it's perfect."

So, here's few primed giant pictures to give you inspiration. I get inpired everytime when I see a primed model, because it's halfway finished piece.


  1. Wow, the fungi look great! Suddenly I'm having this urge to do some converting..
    I'm off to start mixing some modelling putty. :)

    Tervetuloa Bloggeriin minunkin puolestani. Feel free to check out my blog ;)

  2. Thanks man!

    The fungus was quite a pain in the back to do, but the finished result is pure eye candy :)