Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chaos Standard WIP 2

Hello guys, how are you coping with the winter freeze? Inspired to paint a winter themed figure? Here's the latest on my entry to the Warhammer Forum challenge, and also my chaos army standard. As you can see I have attached the arm so that the face and hammer is not obscured, while still getting a reasonable view of the standard itself. A design for which is still to be decided, if I can't come up with something more original it will have to be the boring old eight pointed star we all love - despite appearances I don't want this fella to be Khorne marked.

The other major thing to do is the base, this will add some contrast to the darkness of the figure as it stands at the moment. Some nice thick snow and a few icicles, maybe a withered bush. Just a few more touches here and there and he will be done.

Apologies for the sub-standard photo, it's just a WIP after all and I can't be bothered to set up the "studio" for a shoot.

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