Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chaos Standard WIP

I have been painting quite a lot of elves recently so I fancied something a bit dark and dirty as a contrast. So last night I switched on my daylight lamp, decided it was nothing like daylight, but painted some anyway.

This will be my entry into the Warhammer Forum winter theme  challenge, if I can get it finished on time. The picture is crappy so I will try to highlight a few things.

The base is made from slate and some coconut shell. Notice the funky texture, cracks and little hairs? These should look really nice with a bit of snow sprinkled on top. I might also take the plunge and attempt some icicles. There are a few tutorials kicking around, always wanted to have a bash at that.

The main figure is an Avatars of War chaos sculpt. I love their stuff, I really do, but sometimes the detail can be a bit soft, forcing you to highlight edges and corners to accentuate the sculpt. Having recently painted a lot of nice, sharp plastics, this can be a bit of a letdown.

The banner is a plastic GW bit. It will be a deep red background with a black symbol, to match in with my chaos army, I just need inspiration for the actual symbol.

I have a couple of other figures on my table at the moment, a hag queen to lead my ghouls into battle, and a nice biggish model for my VC army. With luck I will have all three finished by the end of the month.


  1. Very nice one!!
    How will it be holding the banner? I think if its on the left hand it will hide the mini too much....
    Cool part is that I have that mini on WIP (long time) state too , but I'm using it as the leader of a Khorne choosen unit , the head has been replaced by one of the amazing new khornate heads from the new plastic khorne juggy raider.

  2. The arm is clasping the banner a little close to the body, but any elaborate conversion is beyond my skills. I have angled the figure on the base to give as decent a compromise as possible.

    How do you find the detail on your sculpt? Mine seems a little soft, except the head, that is perfectly detailed.

  3. Good show! But painting a lot of elves lately? you have painting a lot lately - period! Grumble grumble....

    This looks like a good start and a nice selection of bits. I have had the same issue with my AoW minis. Great detail but a tad bit on the soft side. Their warcast is however sharp and crisp - can't recommend it enough.


    (and I need to get some nuts, coco ones I might add

  4. Winter is a good time to paint, despite the lack of light. It's my most productive time of year. I can't paint much when the weather is good, luckily that doesn't happen too much in the north of the UK.

    Hoping to get my hands on some warcast eventually, funds are a bit tight at the moment, but if the Nurgle guys sell I will be picking up some Corrupters and probably harpies too (they would make nice fell bats as well as daemon furies, magnetic bases ftw).

    And coconuts too ftw! They grow abundantly here in the UK (in the supermarkets that is) ;)

  5. Mine is nice except for his left part , wich is a bit messy and the transition between the shoulder pad details and the cape is very soft and disturbed .
    So I will reesculpt that part a bit , basicly adding volume.

  6. Looking great Mr. Fogey! I hope you get the votes from the monthly competition! (I also have a entry fot that challenge in my head, and I'm starting the conversion and paintng immediately...)

    I really like the dark armour with reddish parts, hope to see this sort of action more.