Monday, October 22, 2012

Setting up the mood and preparing

A walk in the woods leads me usually to the older, nearly abandoned graveyard in my town. It's totally one of the places that gives you the right mood to start reading or painting. Let's have a look:

I'm not that good photographer that I could freeze the moment as it was then, but these pictures I take from the wilderness reminds me of certain values I should have. If the walls inside start to look too familiar and the anxiety is creeping in, open the door and take a deep breath outside. You never know where the road might lead you.... Most of the times it leads me back to my Mocca Master! Coffee! The fuel for doing nothing important even faster!
Uh, yeah, this cemetery picture I took gave me the idea for the Necromancer who is mystically called Slemmy.
For me preparing miniatures is also one of the 'artsy' side of the hobby, and I need to have something to fuel creativity. The best ingredients for preparing are of course coffee (Black!) and few records. Also, the workspace must have some sort of zen-feeling and the right chi flowing trough it or I end up cutting my nails or staring the walls.

I've tried to work with the smaller miniatures I own, but somehow this Skrag the Slaughterer of the Ogre tribe wanted to be prepared... Damn. He's a heavy guy with irritating casting failures. I needed to throw the metal base off from the projects, because this dude was impossible to assemble on the scenery base. The holes didn't match, and the chain connecting the cauldron and Mr. Skrag was just pain to glue to it's place. Oh well! Farewell idiotic scenery base!

I see Mr.Tom Waits photobombed these pics. He's rising from the unholy pot of massacre remains.

I gave the cauldron's victim a pair of legs. This will be nasty.

Not at it's cleanest, but there's always some sort of mess going on

Even my table is big enough to serve meal for 8 persons, It's usually full of junk I accidently gather to it. And messyness lowers my motivation to do the cleaning, so that's the reason why I do miniatures slowly. First world problems by TurskanPerkeet. If the preparation have given me good chills, it's even more fun to start paintng. And when the table is clean...

But as some wise man said - messy work table tells only it's owners bursting ideas. It would be scary to have 100% clean table, because then I know I'm losing creative mood. Mess is good, but also clean is good. Ying and Yang baby!

All hail Coffee!


  1. That graveyard is really inspirational... if you can say that :) About hobby tables... I just had to paint on our kitchen table for I didn´t have the energy, or time to clean up my hobby table, that is "bursting with ideas"..! So I´m in a really crative mood at the moment :)

  2. Heh! I've also starting to conquer our kitchen table when my own workplace is stuffed with all the things which normally should be storaged elsewhere - like clean clean clothes, magazines, coffee mugs and general trash. Owning a big table is a curse but a blessing...