Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween countdown

In our country Halloween celebrations ain't that big deal, but it's definitely getting bigger every year; Influences around the globe are finding their way to our culture - American geekyness about plastic skulls and papier mache corpses (which I find fascinating) have also landed to finnish geeks storages. Including me... Me and my friend have been crafting a bunch of Halloween prop to our party that is held at the beginning of November. In the past times this All Hallows Eve day/week has been a major part of the traditional finnish beliefs. Here All Hallows Eve was more about harvesting and getting ready to cold winter, as it was everywhere before inventing plastic skulls...

Last year's Scarecrow that we made

One of the eeriest parts in my opinion about the dead worshipping was to serve dinner to your dead relatives - people served normal dinner to the dining table (I assume that the dinner consisted of porridge and dark bread) and closed the doors so the dead had a moment in peace to enjoy the harvesting meal. Also getting drunk, shouting, acting like lunatics, breaking things and general chaos was a part of frightening the spirits and not welcoming death to your home!

So, I'm getting ready to Halloween and trying to keep up the spirit of this wonderful celebration by doing some photo-researching about the atmosphere what makes this time of Harvesting scary to us.
Also I will take few shots of the minitures I've finished lately - just to keep this blog alive and trying to include Warhammer into the spirit of Halloween. Yeah!

Last year's Scarecrow that we BURNT

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