Friday, April 13, 2012

The darker side

Butcher and the slavers

Hello readers!

Here's a project that I started years ago and finished recently. When the first ogre armybook came out, I immeadetly had the idea of a butcher with this familiar steel mask.

He plays the role of Slaughtermaster in my ogre army or a lousy unit filler in my chaos dwarfs army, dunno yet.

Why did I make this piece?
Well, the ogre imagenery is full of harsh pointy shapes, fangs and stakes and so on, and the red fang is a familiar warpaint style on ogres. So, my ogres carry the image of their spiritual leader on their backs - the unholiest killer of the tribe who's face is a mystery. Is he a living dead construct or a genetic test of chaos dwarfs? Who knows.

Your comments are highly appreciated!

I've made three versions of this model. The first incarnation of Pyramid Head butcher was quite catastrophic, and the pyramid looked funnier than I thought and not menacing at all. The second incarnation was better but still not perfect in my opinion. And then, 3 years later I decided to construct the pyramid once more with the looks of Silent Hill movie monster (and Silent Hill 5) with this net-like sides (which really isn't net, it's small square rivets but I was lazy and decided to make this pyramid out of mosquito net. If I someday make newer version of the pyramid, I'll totally do the riveting.)

The pyramid was made out of thicker paper and mosquito net with some guitar wire and knobs from a old toy. There's also little amount of green stuff and a bucketful of superglue...

The blade is  made out of plastic sheet and it's covered with my hair and superglue. The apron is a part of plastic giant kit, I just gave it few stiches anf glued to it's place. That's about it!


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    1. Heh, thanks mate :) Just few weeks ago my fiancee and I finished Silent Hill 2 again! It's a great game whit deep issues.