Saturday, April 7, 2012

The boss of the bosses + random WIPpery

The first warhammer army I got was the mighty Orcs and goblins.

I started to practise painting with the 6th edition army boxset warriors and bowmen and I still have them somewhere. Now a decade later the army is far way from finished but it has some tasty looking units that need a fresh coat of paint. Here's the lord of the army - Gorbad Ironclaw - with a banner of extra manhood and "don't get to my way"-attitude.

The banner was made out of paper and superglue. I also swapped the little horns to curvier ones and added a small moon idol to the top of the stake. I know that the moon is more like goblin's stuff, but hey, what the heck. Maybe this Gorbad fancies fabulous fabrics?

Oh yes indeed he does! That's the reason for the stripey pants (a salute to the Spiky Rat Pack's awesome work with the 40K characters, and with the clown pants)!

Then there's few more or less WIP's of Chaos stuff - Nurgle flyman and Chaos Dwarf rocket launcher. I prefer the inversed rocket more than the original position... I just have to add somekind of weight or anchor to the other side of the rocket or the launching could end up in a horrifying disaster. Heh.

Back to the track with Chaos Dwarfs. I decided to do a test with the shields by adding a piece of paper to the shields back. This looks like that shield has taken some beating and aging, but note that that particular shield is just a test.


  1. Once again, superb stuff mate! Love the shield with ragged cover.

    1. Thanks a lot :)
      I don't remember clearly where I stole that idea about paper+shields, but I'm sure it wasn't mine... But the effect is strong and is converted in no time.