Thursday, January 9, 2014

Xenos burial case - New beginning

Time to dig a grave for these fellas.

I think this cyclops scheme is not getting anywhere anymore, so I shall quit their breeding... farewell my lads! I found a nice little box the group, and decided to add a familiar inside the box... It became some sort of biomechanical creature watching over Merchant and his thugs. So. What shall I do with these creatures? I shall give them a rest in my collection for a moment, and then probably sell them to a person who'd actually like to play some games with them. Who knows.

And, after the burial, I accidentally started a new project with much more different things to do! Surprise, damnit.

Marked men - preacher

A horseman passes by. 

"Hmph, look at that my lad. Obviously one of those crazed souls waiting the stars to fall. I'll bet ya he has nothing more in his sleeve but the urge to make even more townsmen go nuts and abandon their lives, I once saw when one of his kin came to a dusty town like these and gathered a sick group of people... And guess what. They all were butchered. I call it a butchering when you manage to wash ones brain only with your swollen tongue, and the victims starts to believe there really ain't much left to live for....  Damaged soul I'll tell ya.  - What? Haven't seen a rider yet? Listen to me lad;"

The horseman looks like an old religious creep, but in reality he ain't much older than a man at his best age. IT makes him look old. IT causes his limbs to fall off during the years, and the worst thing is he actually believes that his god beneath the stars talks him when a finger turns black and starts to grow black veins up your hand. He's giving his body to his Master piece by piece. These holy men carry their kin with them, as you can see - rotten heads hanging from the ropes... I guess the gauntlet hanging form the horse's side still has his own right hand there. I'm sure he has no more than few weeks before his body finally gives up, and a new preacher takes his place, carrying the remains of his family. A preacher like that will poison also your mind if you listen too carefully. It might be that you my lad are the next preacher if you ain't careful... Sometimes the biggest threat sounds like words of wisdom. His words are sickened promise of relief. By being unholy, he thinks he can become a god in flesh. A martyr of sorts.

Travelling from town to town is the only way for him to keep his religion alive. He must find a new apprentice before his collapsing. 

"Oi, lad! Pass me the bottle will ya?"


  1. Nice case!

    And the preacher is fantastic - very evokative.

    Only thing missing in my eyes are some more distinctly nurgly scribblings in the the tome, but perhaps you don´t want to be that obvious?

    1. Thanks Jeff, and congratulations for the WD article! :)

      Yep, I try to be subtle with the scheme here - it might be that the straight nurgle/chaos linings will not be visible at all. I try to hide the chaos entity in this case behind a more mortal approach - the townsfolk chatting here doesn't understand that the fact that "marked men" are more than just sick people. I try to portait chaos trough the eyes of of people who doesn't know ruinous power of the galaxy...

      Short version: This is the redneck describing of chaotic powers!

  2. The case is a ceeper! Splendid stuff mate.

    1. Thanks Kari!

      Found the box from Tiimari and decided to mutilate it with ink splatters and a familiar... Nice project as an idea, but I need some magnets to keep the aliens in!

  3. Those pesky aliens, always trying to invade the World. I tried to find an antique wooden box for my Inq posse. I had to give up as they were pretty hard to find and the ones you found were, typical to Finnish antique, overpriced 50's rustic antique...

    1. Darn, I just found your message from here :D

      I hhope you find a good chest for your projects - Searching trough fleamarkets can surprise you sometimes with overpriced gems. Cheapest way I guess is to build a chest by your own.

      Sad thing is that Kitee's Tiimari is no more, as well as the other Tiimari multimarkets have kicked the bucket. RIP.

  4. Somehow I managed to miss this post. Might be that Blogger was acting out again. :/

    Anyways, the familiar in the box is a genuine work of art! A storage box in theme with the small miniature collection is a really nice way to finish off this project.

    The Preacher, along with his backstory, is an interesting piece as well. The new project looks promising.

    1. Thanks Ana!

      Try a box if a project isn't totally settled, and storage it for a while. I became more or less obsessed with these guys and decided to give em a concrete end like these.

      New project is also taking it's shape all the time - I have some vicious hunchies to carry some death masks around...

  5. I really love your xenos / INQ28 work. I never know quite what I'm looking at. The mark of a great miniature convertor is hiding the individual pieces so well that we never know what you used to make it.

  6. Very nice work mate! the box just adds a great finishing touh on the band of mongrels.

  7. This project just popped back into my head a couple of nights ago. I had to go back and read all the posts as this warband was put together, I loved reading about them as much as the first time around.

    Beautiful, beautiful work. And the storage case is amazing and fitting.

    I hope you still have these fellows in your collection, did they ever see some time on the tabletop?

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