Saturday, December 1, 2012

Two more for the team

Another Saturday, another day were I actually had time to paint :D and to celebrate - here's two more or the warrior block. I never liked the sorc mini when it was released, but with a quick staff swap it looks way better and I really enjoyed painting it. This might not look as much progress but I had one of these unorganized sessions were I panted a bit here and a bit there on many minis. So far only the flyface is done.

The red gems are a test to incorporate a bit more red in the regiment. there will only be a few more places where I add them but I think that it will give a nice contrast - however I'd love your views on it.

And  here's a WIP on a palanquin. It's very inspired by the story about Valnir the Reaper from libre chaotica. So far it is quite hard to make out what has been added but when the basecoat is on it I think it will show. The idea is to paint this one for the Massive Voodoo painting comp. We will see if I have time to finish it to the quality that I intend.


  1. Woohoo! Love your updates on this guys!!
    I also see a looot more minis on the background that i'm dying to see painted.
    The more actual champion of nurgle on the back is being painted by me right now too :)
    Great updates Erik!!

  2. Nice work, that gem is unbelievable, love the nurgling posing as a champion on palanquin.