Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last one for the year (for Erik)

Dear readers,

This will be my last entry for this year. I have just completed 4 nurglings. The new one from the PB plastic kit has been converted (á la Mr.Saturday) with a hot needle. I really like the expression on them but the pic toned down the layers so they look a bit to contrasty. Well well can't have it all:

Well throwing an update for a mere four nurglings is not that impressive, so I thought that I would give an early Christmas present - namely revealing the mystery of the round bases. Lo and behold ladies and gents a movment tray!

As you can see there are still plenty missing, and to be precise - this is not even the right movement tray. There will be another one for these warriors which might even be bigger so plenty more nurgly goodness to come! I hope you have enjoyed these so far, I certainly have. So happy holidays and see you on the other side //Cheers


  1. Woohoo Erik!
    That is amazing!! What are those movement trays made of??
    I assumes the coolest part is that you pose the warriors exactly as you need to have them properly ranked.
    Also , once covered with rocks , sand , and painted it will look like a whole thing.
    Really GREAT!

  2. Totally one of my favorite groups of all time... It's nice to see some variation to the normal square based forces. Awesome!