Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dark Vengeance progressing

Happy new year folks!

Long story short - the weather forced me not use any primers outside, so I needed to paint something that was primed earlier. I truly am not a fan of these chosen models (they are just too detailed for my eyes) and working on with these was a bit painful because the detail forced me to do extra job all the time... argh. I like simple stuff. Like rocks.

I didn't want these warriors to be a part of any Chaos chapter, but more like a mix of many chapters. I think the Red Corsairs, Alpha legion and Black legion chapters are visible here... You decide what you want to see. Here you go:

And again, this space dude with a better picture (last time when I uploaded this fella here I was in hellish hurry). I really like him!


  1. Those chosen look cool and nasty!!
    In fact they have a ton of details!! Me like'em :) :)

    And the mutan is so cool!

  2. Really good stuff mate! The chosen looks good, with the blueheaded chap being the favorite. I see what you mean with them having a bit much detail. The blue and orange creates a interesting combo, god job!

    The mutant is -as mentioned earlier- bad a**! I do appreciate the better pictures though (now saved in my growing renegade folder...). The checkers and the gem is some of my favorite details!

    Happy new years mate