Friday, December 21, 2012

Early Santa

Hi, it's Turska here again.

Lately I've been sorta busy with a new incomer in my life, my nephew (who has also been busy with irritating diapers and listening to uncle's (ME) blabbering and random noices to get him satisfied again...)

Nope, not so many moments to dig out my paints and start doing something with my unfinished forces.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, let's talk about hobby syndromes; I think we hobbyists share a common syndrome which we could call 'not getting anything finishes because I have too much other warhammer stuff to do' or, 'lack of motivation', or simply; 'laziness'. Also I got introduced to a new syndrome called 'random act of kindness'. I met an old friend at the movie theatre when I was going to see the Hobbit for the first time, and this old friend of mine asked me if I still was painting miniatures (ehrm, slowly but yes). He said to me that he has some spare hobby stuff at his flat, and he wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible...

So, here's something he gave me totally for free. 

- Space Marine Drop Pod (untouched)
- Space Marine Whirlwind (untouched)
- Plastic Terminators
- Tactical Space Marines
- Ork boyz
- random old paints and basing materials (all paints still good!)
- old washes (Only badab black was opened)
- Mumakil with a load of missing parts

The fish is only for entertainment.

I don't know how desperate man can be if he want's to give all this pile of gold for free to a no-lifer. Of course there's an option for me to sell these goods, but as we know for a hobbyist it's almost impossible to say that we don't need some parts of the kits for future projects, and I also think I'll keep this stuff and try to make them a part of my Dark Angels force (work in progress). This act of kindness is a double edged sword - it's cool to own these toys but owning them means it's even harder for me to finish anything ever.... Argh.

Towards the brighter times! Christmas ahoy! Spare me some time to get miniatures done! And thanks for the secret Santa who gave me all this plastic soldiers!


  1. Welcome back. I would rank them in order of interest as elephant, fish, Paints, cloth background, white plastic thingy, then marines. I just find them so comical and tedious! Bah humbug.

    Seriously nice of your mate to give that to you, hope you enjoy painting them. And remember, a marine is for life, not just for xmas.

  2. Wow what a cool friend!!
    But man.. you have to paint something indeed... come on! :)

  3. Thanks for the attention fellas!