Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still alive... somewhat

Wow real life is really trying its best so that I can't have time/energy to paint. However I thought that I should post something just to show that I'm alive and that I'm still working on these.

Wip left and center, the right one is done. Nothing big on the conversion just a quick headswap and a hood made of gs. Far left dude got a new polearm and a nice grabby hand from the new plaguebearer kit (love it!).

I also missed the deadline of TWF conversion challenge, but here is the final product. This dude will be the standard bearer for the regiment. Made from a black orc body, head and foot from the plaguebearer kit etc. Really like his jolly look.

 Hope you like these (small) updates. - cheers


  1. WOW Erik !! Those minis are amazing!!!
    In fact its cool that i'm also painted these day almos the same model that you are :) I'll show them at right time.

    Comment apart for the leader, WWOOWWW!! Simply incredible how imposing he looks!!

    Now let me ask you again , why the round bases?
    And , its posible a full shot of all the finished warriors ranked up?

  2. Nice work indeed. I too missed the deadline, I have been out of action for a week with a dose of Papa's finest, so have done very little. Must get me a box of those plaguebearers.

  3. Clever use of the black orc! I also have some of those hanging around my bitz boxes. I really love your style how you convert banner bearers, extra plus for the wheels used. Gah I'm in love!