Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey guys , it's been a looong time I reckon...
If you're wondering what I do now , well....I'm sculpting full time , and I have developed my own Chaos range on the very Realms of Chaos old 80's style!

Here's some pics of them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This place is dead anyways... WRONG

Hi there.

I decided to resurrect once and for all. Past year has been quite a struggle from the hobby world's view and here I am with my dried paints and petrified brushes... I really enjoyed picking up the tools once more to see that I don't hate this hobby as much as I thought ;)

The coolest mini of all time Dominus has joined my retinue of Mechanicus. Here's a small teaser of him.

I guess this whole CODFISH PARINGS concept needs some serious renovation. Let's see how this starts to roll again.


Thursday, July 2, 2015


Seems like my time for hobbying has reached a certain point when it's hard to start anything new. Luckily the new mechanicus kits gave me something fresh to think about. Here's the starters of a mechanicus posse with some artsy approaches and testosteronic angles!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gollum 2

Fishy fish chap looks scared. What a poor fella : (

Down here is two comparison photos of this particular critter.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

And now something completely Gollum

As a student I usually try to live sparingly but often I lose control and purchase something utterly useless. I found this Gollum statue from an auction (What a magnificent sculpt!) and decided to make him a bit eye-friendly. At the point I do like how he's turning out. There's still a ton of work to do...

 Common Gollum with a fish. Ahh.
 Gollum with serious health issues (and a fish)
Fun fact: I glued some of my own hair to cover this poor fellows baldness.

I really should be doing my thesis...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Nurgle boys finished!

Finishing touches: few highlights and shadings + some washing. Also added gloss varnish over the base's wet parts, as well as to the rims. For some reason I love glossy bases. I also killed an old brush to make the reeds... Overall I think this is crazily messy group - just as I wanted.

The reason for not explaining the exact colors and amount is because I don't know them even myself. Using wet palette gives you the freedom to get goofy with the colors on the palette, but it's incredibly hard to describe how much you use certain ingredients. There's spots of colors all around the palette and mixed up pool of those various shades... This is the way I learnt to use colors - no borders. One big palette with freedom to mix anything with everything.

This defines the joy of painting. There's no right or wrong. Just a WAY to do.
Zen as f*ck.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nurgle "tutorial"

Lot's of folks have been asking me to make tutorials for working with white primer. Here's a small picture compilation of the past hour or so. Here you can easily see the steps I usually progress with my mini's.

 White primer. 50% of the work done already...

Some orange and brown ink splashed over the armor. As you can see, I'm not too much into details at the point. 

More color in - some pink and black.

A sepia ink wash over the armor to make the details visible.

White and bleached bone sponged roughly over the armor to bring some damage and highlight.

Tamiya clear yellow over the armor to make the colors pop. Added some shadings to the red and black!


Metals in. I used leadbelcher diluted with brown ink.

Shadings. I used al the leftovers I had on my palette at the moment... Black/brown inks for metals. Green/brown for bases. Purple/green for skin.

Highlights. Metals were highlighted with silver, skin got a a white splash. Banner got a jolly little skull on it's surface. Bases were drybrushed with white.

Some layering with bleached bone. Touchups there and there...

Soon to be done. Gave red and brown glazes all over the miniature. Added verdigris.

Phew. Only lenses and some minor details missing. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hell flute & Sonic warhorn

After a while I made a stop at hobby world.

Last months have been more or less hectic with other real-life stuff - but of course at Christmas I got a furious stomach ache and was not able to get involved with the usual season's celebrations. Stomach ulcer gave me inspiration to chop up some plastic and make some Nurgle guardians to be accompanied with my 'Thug'. I still have 2 FW nurgle torsos to play around with...

So, here I represent you Brother Ulcersån (piper), Admiral Syphillaeys (banner bearer), and Brother Tinnituetus (OMFG BLUNDERBUSS)

This last picture is funny. Here you can see the stage before white primer - There's agrellan earth, liquid GS, static grass, bits and bobs, general junk and  other misc stuff that will be covered in pure white. What a mess at the moment. Mr. Blunderbuss is my top favorite fella of the bunch due his massive blunderbuss. I imagined him to be an "engineer" of sorts. He has a "warhorn" (his own intelligent invention) and ultra heavy foot to anchor in place and burst out a hail of bolt shards, organic mass and junk...  (Of course he is a total idiot with his inventions of massive destructive power - maybe it's the fungi growing inside his helmet - but his brotherhood is also too dim-witted to care)

This project gives me a giggle. Cheers everyone!