Monday, November 14, 2016

Hey guys , it's been a looong time I reckon...
If you're wondering what I do now , well....I'm sculpting full time , and I have developed my own Chaos range on the very Realms of Chaos old 80's style!

Here's some pics of them.


  1. These are great! Are you casting them? I would love to paint some of these :)

  2. +1 to what Wilhelm said - especially love that nurgle-looking one with the wee nurgling on it's hip!

  3. They are beautiful... all of them! :D
    Fantastic sculpts and wonderful paint jobs.

  4. They are cast and sell! There was a HUGE kickstarter campaign this year , and now they are about to hit regular shopping.
    Take a look here:

    And if you have facebook you can join the group and even contact me for minis here :

  5. Wonderful minis and splendid colors!